When I first started working with Deb, I was a naive, inconsistent & doubtful athlete. Deb saw in me what I couldn’t see – an athlete. We’ve worked hard together, forming a solid, trusting & enquiring relationship, one that has delivered many, many aaahhhaaaa moments, a fair amount of f bombs & some utterly unbelievable results. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. There have been many, many questions & equally as many learning moments. We’ve conquered injury, fear, self doubt & worked relentlessly on consistency & quality in training. Deb has an unbelievable gift for numbers, a knowledge & articulation that sees her athletes deliver time & time again, beyond all expectations. Yet her greatest gift to her athletes is her ability to see through the numbers & to understand where her athletes are in that moment in time. She understands who we are, how we train & how well we react to pressure. There are some Sundays, when I go to see my training plan for the week, that I wonder if I’m going to get the Good Witch Glinda or The Wicked Witch of the West. If you google the witches of Oz, you’ll come across the following explanation of a witches skillset. I think is summarises Deb perfectly: “A Witch, in the Land of Oz, is a person that has the ability to harness and manipulate the magic around them.” Deb doesn’t create the magic, the athlete does, but she sure as hell knows how to make that magic sparkle & reach it’s full potential (with a tone of spit & elbow grease in between). Emma Blacklock – Triathlete and Ultra Trail Runner

I have been training under the expert guidance of Deborah Latouf as a member of her Spin Doctors training group for around 18 months. Over this time I have trained for 2 particular events – the 2018 and 2019, 3 Peaks Challenge in the Australian Alps. Deborah sets out very challenging programs that test you to your limits and leave you with nowhere to hide. She applies a very professional, no nonsense approach using Training Peaks to monitor and adapt your program along the way. At this years event I improved my time by just under an hour thanks to her coaching. If you are starting to become serious about your training I would have no hesitation in recommending Deborah. I am certain that you will see significant improvements over time if you commit to her program and follow her lead in the way she approaches her own training sessions. Jason Slingsby – Road Cyclist


Since Deb has been coaching me, I’ve learnt so much about myself as an athlete. Not only have my race times improved in both triathlon and running, but my understanding of how my body works has greatly increased. Her knowledge and explanation of what we need to get out of my body in the lead up to race day is always helpful and targeted. Data is the key to training with Deb and the numbers don’t lie. However, her knack of getting to know me as an athlete who is balancing training with plenty of other commitments is what makes her the best. Christy Guinea – Triathlete