Who is Spin Doctor Coaching?

Dr Deborah Latouf is the Head Coach of Spin Doctor Coaching. Deborah has been coaching cycling and triathlon for 25 years during her career as a Sport Scientist in Australia, the UK and South Africa. Deborah also mentors a number of developing coaches.

What do you do?

I coach road cycling and triathlon using evidence based principles of sport science. The programs are delivered through the TrainingPeaks platform and are bespoke made for individual athletes.

How much does it cost?

The initial consult, data analysis and programming for the first month is $300. After this my results driven all-inclusive coaching package is $200 per month. There are no tiered levels of support as I encourage as much communication with me as you need. If you decide to take a break I encourage you to stay in contact with my via ‘maintenance mode’, which is $50 per month.

Consultation and data analysis independent of coaching is available at $100 per hour.

One of one ‘hands on’ coaching on the bike is $100 per session.

Do I need TrainingPeaks?

You sure do. This is the only platform I deliver my coaching services through and you need a Premium account. This costs USD$10 per month. You’ll also need a head unit (such as a Garmin). Garmin Connect and Strava will also help with the auto sync of your uploads. For deeper analysis of your data I use the TrainingPeaks extension package WKO5. This is included in your monthly coaching fee.

Do I need a power meter?

A power meter is not essential but is highly recommended. Of all the investments you can make in your training (other than working with a good coach), this will make the single biggest difference to the effectiveness of your training. They have come down in price quite a bit over the past few years and there are now many good options available for less than AUD$1000.

How often do you look at my training sessions?

Every. Single. Day. Once your athlete account is synced to my TrainingPeaks coach account I get a notification each time you upload a workout. Generally speaking I analyse training files each morning. You’ll know when I have looked at yours, as there will be a comment on it. Sometimes it might just be one word, sometimes it might be a thesis.

How often can I contact you and how?

You can contact me as much as you need to. I have some athletes that are in contact with me several times a day; and others who don’t contact me much other than through the comments in TrainingPeaks. It is whatever works for you. Much of the communication takes place through TrainingPeaks, but I also use Messenger a lot, including the video call function.

I’m just an age grouper/masters level athlete, is getting a coach like you really justified?

Of course it is! You are exactly the sort of athlete I work best with. I understand you have work and family commitments, but your goals are still important to you. You need to get great ‘bang for your buck’ from training as you have limited time available. I specialise in making sure athletes do the right sort of training. It is my job to get the best adaptation in performance possible for you in the time available to train.

Got another question that isn’t covered here? Please contact me