At Spin Doctor Coaching we offer only one results driven coaching package which is all inclusive. There’s a good reason we don’t have tiered levels of coaching support. This is because we believe that the most important part of the coach:athlete relationship is communication. So why would we want to restrict this?

When we work with you, we do not impose limits to the amount of communication that you would like to have with us. We have some athletes who contact us daily (multiple times) and others who rarely contact us outside of the conversations we have on their workouts in TrainingPeaks. Every athlete has individual needs. If that’s a weekly video chat, then so be it. If it’s monthly, no problem. Whatever works for you.

How do we work and what is included?

Initial phone/Zoom consultation: complimentary

  • we discuss your training goals, lifestyle, commitment to training and coach/athlete expectations.
  • athlete and coach need time to decide if there is good alignment between athlete’s needs and style of the coach. Initial decision is made about “goodness of fit”
  • athlete sent questionnaire and waiver 
  • athlete Training Peaks (TP) account is linked to the coach (premium account to be supplied by athlete)

Onboarding Process: $200 per athlete

This includes:

  • extensive data analysis using historical data in Training Peaks, plus deeper analysis using advanced program WKO5, to determine athlete profile, including strengths and weaknesses
  • setting functional threshold power (FTP) 
  • setting of bespoke power and heart rate zones for the bike. 
  • for triathlon, swimming and running heart rate and power (if applicable) are set, as well as threshold speeds.
  • clean historical file errors that can occasionally occur in terms of heart rate or power (outliers). This can take several weeks, depending on athlete. This is important as it allows us to construct the most accurate power duration curve
  • Training Peaks Zoom tutorial in the first week of your program (1 hr)  – your coach will teach you about the key terminology in TP and how to get the best out of your coaching.

Coaching (billed monthly)

Dr Deborah Latouf (B.PE (Hons), MBA, PhD :   $400 per month

Liz Nelson (B.Pharm, B.Sc (Ex Science), GradDip Arts:   $300 per month

Results driven all inclusive coaching package includes:

  • Annual Training Plan (ATP) development – including training load each week, chronic and acute training load, periodisation and peaking, ramp rate consideration (weekly increase in load)
  • daily feedback on all completed sessions (please note both coaches regularly compete or travel with teams and in this case, feedback may be given on the next day)
  • unlimited program revision
  • deep analysis of data using companion program, WKO5
  • expert nutrition and equipment advice
  • indoor trainer programming and advice when required
  • expert advice and integration of other programming (eg strength and conditioning, pilates) 
  • unlimited contact with your coach

Waiting List:

  • if you would like to work exclusively with the head coach, Dr Deborah Latouf, there is currently a waiting time of 4-8 weeks.
  • if you would like to work with our senior coach, Liz Nelson, who is also degree qualified in exercise and sports science and working until the direct mentorship of Dr Latouf, then there is current availability.