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18 hours ago

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You know I love a nice bit of TdF data. Attached a couple of images from Cycling Tips of Jack Haig's TrainingPeaks data.

To quote Jack "One stage that wasn’t particularly hard was stage 7. It was a 230km, ‘flat’ sprinters stage with 2,300m of climbing. In terms of numbers, it was a super easy, boring stage and possible the easiest race I’ve ever done. But the numbers don’t tell the full story. No matter how hard or easy a stage like that is, it’s still 6 hours 30 minutes on the bike and concentrating for that long, riding through towns and in the bunch, is never easy and actually quite fatiguing"

I love that a 'flat' stage has 2300m of climbing. But how fit are these guys? Check out the Intensity Factor (IF) - 0.52. I kid you not, you would get a higher IF on a coffee roll. And a TSS of 176 for a 6hr 30 ride. Some of you would have higher TSS scores for a 2 hour hill session of 1000m elevation.

The second pic is a summary of the week so you can see his TSS across stages 3-9. The * next to the TSS score means it has been manually adjusted, not clear why this would have been done.
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