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24 hours ago

Spin Doctor Coaching

Today's file analysis from Stage 2 of TDU is from Bruno Armirail of Groupama-FDJ. Background info - he finished in the main bunch today and his weight is 70kg.

Summary stats of the stage:
Distance: 135km
Elevation: just over 2000m
Average speed: 39.2kph
Average power: 217 raw, weighted average 270 = 3.8w/kg
Cadence - 88
Heart rate - average was 140, max was 188

I chose this file because Bruno wore a heart rate monitor and it's a nice example of how a road race 'winds up' across the course of the race. Also, heart rate is a valuable metric to use in combination with power.

The first pic you can see is the overview courtesy of Strava - essentially 4 laps of Woodside and 3.5 Stirling laps with an uphill finish. The red line is heart rate. I've marked a heart rate spike with a red arrow early on in the race which is the first KOM point. You can see he dug in here with a heart rate of 179 (max at the end was 188). The horizontal red line I have added is the link section of riding between Woodside and Stirling. It was about 40 minutes and his average heart rate was 120 (nice and cruisy). The upward slanted line I have added is the ramp at the end.

The second picture is the power curve. Peak 5 minute power on the last climb was 5.7w/kg. Keep in mind though that there is a slight downhill section in this climb AND this was done at the end of the race.

The third pic is the analysis of that last climb. I've marked the downhill section with a red arrow.

The fourth pic is the heart rate zone distribution - 75% of the race done in Z1/2 and only 7% above threshold.

Finally to illustrate my point about how the race ramped up, let's look at that final climb segment to Stirling which the riders did 4 times.

Lap 1 - 223 watts on a heart rate of 137
Lap 2 - 266 watts on a heart rate of 149
Lap 3 - 284 watts on a heart rate of 158
Final lap to finish - 388 watts on a heart rate of 180 - ouch!
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