As sports scientists and coaches, we have seen the benefits of training with power meters for our athletes.

Power meters allow access to more data than you can imagine. With power, we can quantitatively track changes in fitness. Power data analysis also allows us to profile an athlete’s personal physiology (phenotype) and determine athlete strengths and limiters. 

Data analysis can therefore inform us of the direction we need to take in exercise prescription and program construction.  Continually collecting and monitoring data also allows us to modify an exercise prescription dynamically in conjunction with subjective athlete feedback.

Power data analysis is also useful in evaluating race performances and can help educate an athlete in regards to race tactics, nutrition, and how to apply their physiology to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Spin Doctor Coaching provide consultations on power data analysis, post event power data analysis and power profiling and testing. As every athlete has different requirements we provide a bespoke service and charge at a rate of $100 per hour.


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