At Spin Doctor Coaching I offer only one results driven coaching package which is all inclusive. There’s a good reason why I don’t have tiered levels of coaching support. This is because I believe the most important part of the coach:athlete relationship is communication. So why would I want to restrict this?

When I work with you there is no limit to the amount of communication you need/want/would like to have with me. I have some athletes who contact me daily (multiple times) and others who rarely contact me outside of the conversations we have on their workouts in TrainingPeaks. Every athlete has individual needs. If that’s a weekly video chat, then so be it. If it’s monthly, no problem. Whatever works for you.

So how does it work and what is included? Below is a summary of the steps involved.

  1. Athlete questionnaire
  2. Analysis of questionnaire
  3. Initial decision made re goodness of athlete:coach ‘fit’
  4. Linking of TrainingPeaks account
  5. Data analysis on my part to establish:
    • Athlete profile
    • Functional Threshold Power (FTP)
    • Power and heart rate zones for the bike. For triathletes add swim and run, plus threshold speed for these disciplines.
  6. Training program set in TrainingPeaks for next 4 weeks, and revealed one week at a time
  7. Auto syncing of training session through head units, apps, Strava to TrainingPeaks
  8. Coach analyses sessions and provides daily feedback

This continues for 4 weeks. At the end of this 4 week block we schedule a video chat and have an honest discussion about whether we are a good match. If we decide we are then we move on to:

  • Annual Training Plan (ATP) development. This includes:
    • Training load each week
    • Chronic and acute training load
    • Periodisation and peaking
    • Ramp rate (the weekly increase in training load)
  • Daily feedback on all completed sessions
  • Ongoing program revision
  • Contact with me as often as you need/want it
  • Equipment advice
  • Nutrition advice
  • Deep data analysis through WKO5

So, what is the investment? The initial consult, data analysis and programming for the first month is $400. Following this the monthly fee for this results driven all-inclusive coaching package is $300.

I understand that sometimes athletes want to take a break from following a structured program. I get that. Sometimes I even program it in. You can take a break whenever you want and move onto what I call a ‘maintenance’ mode. What this means is that I am not actually programming sessions for you, but I am still monitoring what you are doing. Your training is still being uploaded to TrainingPeaks. I’ll look at what you are doing, comment, and clean up your data if necessary. I prefer athletes do this rather than suspend their accounts altogether. This is because it keeps me in the loop with regard to what you are doing, and if/when you decide to train structured again I know your data is nice and clean and I won’t have to go in and sort it out. Athletes on maintenance mode pay $50 per month.

At the moment I coach more than 20 individual athletes in road cycling and triathlon. At any one time quite a few of these are in ‘maintenance’ mode. This means I may have a place available for new athletes, or there might be a waiting period. I try and restrict the number of athletes I am ‘on-boarding’ at any one time due to the amount of work involved. I get most of my referrals from word of mouth. So it’s a great idea for you to talk with one of my current athletes if you would like to find out more.